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Accurate Digital Templating

VE Stone Ltd, a specialized stone working company, integrates advanced technology and precision engineering in its fabrication and installation processes. One of the key technologies employed by VE Stone Ltd is the Proliner, a digital templating device designed to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility in measuring and cutting stone materials. Below are detailed contents about how VE Stone Ltd utilizes the Proliner in its operations

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Introduction to Proliner Technology

The Proliner, developed by Prodim International, is an innovative digital templating tool that utilizes a patented measuring technology based on the principle of triangulation. Equipped with a pen-like probe connected to a wire, the Proliner can accurately plot points on a physical surface, translating them into a digital format. This technology is particularly advantageous for industries requiring precision in custom cuts, such as the stone, glass, and woodworking industries.
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Advantages of Using Proliner at VE Stone Ltd

Precision and Accuracy: The Proliner ensures high levels of precision and accuracy in measurements, which is critical for custom stone fabrication. This precision is vital for ensuring that countertops, vanities, and other stone installations fit perfectly in their designated spaces.

Efficiency and Speed: With the Proliner, templating time is significantly reduced compared to traditional manual methods. This increase in efficiency allows VE Stone Ltd to complete more projects in less time, benefiting both the company and its clients.

Flexibility: The device is portable and versatile, making it possible to template complex shapes and large areas with ease. This flexibility is particularly useful for intricate designs and installations.

Digital Integration: The digital data captured by the Proliner can be directly integrated into CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software, streamlining the design and fabrication process. This seamless integration reduces the potential for errors and simplifies the transition from design to production.

Workflow Integration

On-site Templating: The process begins with the Proliner being brought to the project site, where the technician uses it to capture the dimensions and contours of the installation area.

Data Processing: The collected data is then transferred to design software, where it is used to create or adjust the design of the stone piece to ensure a perfect fit.

Fabrication: With the design finalized, the digital template is sent to the fabrication team, who uses CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to cut the stone material according to the precise specifications.

Quality Assurance: Before installation, each piece undergoes a thorough quality check to ensure that it matches the digital template exactly.

Installation: Finally, the custom-fabricated stone pieces are installed at the client’s site, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.


The incorporation of the Proliner into VE Stone Ltd’s templating process represents the company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging this advanced technology, VE Stone Ltd is able to achieve unparalleled precision in its stone fabrication projects, setting a high standard in the industry. The Proliner not only optimizes the production workflow but also ensures that each piece is a testament to the craftsmanship and technological prowess that VE Stone Ltd stands for.
Accurate digital templating

FAQ For Templating

Stone templating is a precise process of creating a physical or digital template of the area where the stone will be installed. This ensures a perfect fit and accounts for any irregularities, cutouts, or specific design elements.
Templating is essential for custom stone projects to ensure accuracy in dimensions, fit, and overall design compatibility. It minimizes errors and material waste, resulting in a seamless installation process.
The duration depends on the complexity and size of the project. Typically, templating can take anywhere from 1/2 hours to few hours. We strive to complete the process efficiently without compromising on precision.
While it's not mandatory, we recommend being present during the templating process. This allows for immediate feedback and any last-minute adjustments to the design or specifications.
Minor adjustments can be accommodated shortly after templating, but major changes may require re-templating and could affect the project timeline and cost.
Ensure the area is clear of any obstacles and that all relevant fixtures (sinks, faucets, appliances, etc.) are on-site or their specifications are available. This ensures the template is as accurate as possible.
Templating is typically included in the overall cost of your custom stone project. However, complex designs or additional site visits for templating may incur extra charges. We'll provide a detailed quote beforehand.
Once the template is finalized, it's used to cut and prepare your stone pieces for installation. We'll schedule the installation phase based on the project timeline and your availability.
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Contact and Visit

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Initial Sketches

Let us know where you want the stone to be and give us the dimensions. Drawings don’t need to be exact, just an estimate is fine. We will digitally template your project prior to processing.

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Select Your Stone

With your estimate in hand, find out just how affordable your selection is. Remember to bring a cabinet sample (door or drawer will do) to help coordinate colours.

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Our countertop creation process harnesses digital technology for unparalleled precision. Using the advanced Proliner measuring device, we ensure exact measurements.

Step 5.

Stone Fabrication

Aided by CAD drawings and top of the line cutting equipment, we cut your stone to the exact measurements of your countertops to ensure a perfect fit and look to match your room.

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The only thing left is for our team to install the countertop. We’ll handle it all from transportation to installation, complete with your inspection and questions answered.


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I will continue to recommend VE Stone to everyone! The entire team takes great pride in producing an incredible finished product with top notch customer service along the way. Prompt responses to any questions, very knowledgeable staff, all while being budget friendly. An absolute pleasure to work with and will absolutely be returning for future projects.
— Laurenne Picard
Excellent Service! Vincent and the crew were quick to measure, quote, and install! From the jump the service was excellent, quality workmanship and prompt/polite snd professional service. They were actually ahead of the promised schedule. That rarely happens these days. Awesome business would highly recommend. Thanks Vincent!
— J. Johal
Great customer service, selection and price. The install of our quartz countertops went smoothly, efficiently and professionally. We were directed to VE Stone by the company that is replacing our kitchen cabinets - so happy with the choice we made! I would highly recommend this team! Call VE Stone - you will not be disappointed.
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