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Advanced Stone Fabrication at VE STONE LTD: Marrying Tradition with Technology

VE STONE LTD stands at the forefront of the stone fabrication industry, blending age-old craftsmanship with the latest advancements in technology to create masterpieces that are both timeless and innovative. Our commitment to excellence and precision has established us as leaders in the field, offering bespoke solutions that cater to both aesthetic preferences and functional needs.
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Cutting-Edge Technology

At VE STONE LTD, we leverage state-of-the-art machinery and software to ensure unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in stone cutting and shaping. Our CNC machines Cutting and Polishing technologies allow for intricate designs and precise cuts that were once thought impossible. This technological edge enables us to work with a vast array of materials, from classic granite and marble to contemporary quartz and ultra-compact surfaces, with unmatched precision.

Accurate digital templating

Expert Craftsmanship

Technology, however, is only as good as the hands that wield it. Our team of skilled artisans and technicians combine their traditional stonemasonry skills with advanced fabrication techniques to bring each client’s vision to life. Their expertise is not just in cutting and shaping stone but in understanding its nuances, ensuring each piece’s natural beauty is showcased to its fullest potential.
Accurate digital templating

Customization at Its Core

VE STONE LTD believes that every project is unique, and our advanced fabrication process reflects this philosophy. We offer personalized consultations to understand each client’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring the final product is not only functional but also a true reflection of their personal style. Whether it’s a custom kitchen countertop, a bespoke bathroom vanity, or intricate architectural elements, we tailor our services to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.
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Sustainable Practices

In our quest for excellence, we also prioritize sustainability. Our advanced stone fabrication processes are designed to minimize waste and maximize the use of materials. We employ water recycling systems and dust collection methods to reduce our environmental footprint, ensuring that our craftsmanship is as responsible as it is beautiful.
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Unwavering Quality and Service

At VE STONE LTD, quality is not just a goal; it’s a guarantee. Our advanced fabrication techniques, combined with rigorous quality control measures, ensure that every product leaving our workshop stands the test of time. Coupled with our commitment to customer service, we ensure a seamless and satisfying experience from initial consultation to final installation.
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Speed and Efficiency

One of the key advantages of using an automated 5-axis CNC saw, especially one that’s Italian-made, is its speed and efficiency. These machines can cut through slabs quickly, significantly reducing the time it takes to produce a countertop compared to manual methods. This efficiency is crucial in large-scale or time-sensitive projects.

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Edge Finishing and Detailing

After the main cutting process, the countertops may go through additional processes for edge finishing and detailing. The CNC saw can also perform these tasks, applying various edge profiles like beveled, rounded, or bullnose edges.

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Quality Control

Throughout the process, quality control checks are essential. This might involve measuring the cut pieces to ensure they match the CAD specifications and inspecting the quality of the cut, including the smoothness of the edges and the overall finish.

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Final Installation

Once the countertops are cut and finished, they are ready for installation. The precision of the cutting process ensures a perfect fit, reducing the need for adjustments during installation.

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Advanced stone fabrication at VE STONE LTD is where technology meets tradition. Our dedication to innovation, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for those seeking not just stone products, but works of art that add value and beauty to any space. Discover the VE STONE LTD difference, where every stone tells a story, and every fabrication is a masterpiece in the making.

FAQ For Advanced Stone Fabrication

Absolutely. Our advanced fabrication technology allows us to create highly customized designs based on your specifications. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need assistance in creating one, our team can guide you through the process to bring your vision to life.
The fabrication process starts with selecting the perfect stone slab for your project. We then use digital templating techniques to capture the exact dimensions and shapes required. The stone is then cut and shaped using our advanced machinery, followed by detailed finishing work to polish and perfect the piece.
The timeline for a fabrication project varies based on the complexity and size of the job. Generally, projects can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. We'll provide a detailed timeline at the start of the project, so you know what to expect.
While advanced stone fabrication can be more costly upfront due to the technology and expertise involved, it often results in greater precision, less waste, and a higher-quality finish. We believe in providing value through our craftsmanship and will work with you to find options that fit your budget.
Our Process

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Step 1.

Contact and Visit

See firsthand the gorgeous countertops we’ve got to offer. Seeing your future countertop in person can make all the difference, so come visit the VE Stone showroom today.

Step 2.

Initial Sketches

Let us know where you want the stone to be and give us the dimensions. Drawings don’t need to be exact, just an estimate is fine. We will digitally template your project prior to processing.

Step 3.

Select Your Stone

With your estimate in hand, find out just how affordable your selection is. Remember to bring a cabinet sample (door or drawer will do) to help coordinate colours.

Step 4.


Our countertop creation process harnesses digital technology for unparalleled precision. Using the advanced Proliner measuring device, we ensure exact measurements.

Step 5.

Stone Fabrication

Aided by CAD drawings and top of the line cutting equipment, we cut your stone to the exact measurements of your countertops to ensure a perfect fit and look to match your room.

Step 6.


The only thing left is for our team to install the countertop. We’ll handle it all from transportation to installation, complete with your inspection and questions answered.


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I will continue to recommend VE Stone to everyone! The entire team takes great pride in producing an incredible finished product with top notch customer service along the way. Prompt responses to any questions, very knowledgeable staff, all while being budget friendly. An absolute pleasure to work with and will absolutely be returning for future projects.
— Laurenne Picard
Excellent Service! Vincent and the crew were quick to measure, quote, and install! From the jump the service was excellent, quality workmanship and prompt/polite snd professional service. They were actually ahead of the promised schedule. That rarely happens these days. Awesome business would highly recommend. Thanks Vincent!
— J. Johal
Great customer service, selection and price. The install of our quartz countertops went smoothly, efficiently and professionally. We were directed to VE Stone by the company that is replacing our kitchen cabinets - so happy with the choice we made! I would highly recommend this team! Call VE Stone - you will not be disappointed.
— Paul Riegel

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