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Next, let’s identify exactly how your new countertop will fit in your space.

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Capture Your Space

In order to achieve the most optimal outcome, we highly recommend that you take multiple photographs of both your kitchen and bathroom from diverse vantage points while ensuring that the lighting is impeccable, so that all the intricate details can be captured with precision. For those of you who are contemplating embarking on a fresh build, it would be advantageous for us to receive your architectural designs or drawings, allowing for a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of your aspirations and seamless execution of your envisioned project.

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Measurements Matter

To ensure we can provide the best solution for your space, we kindly request that you provide us with the dimensions of your area. Please include the length, width, and height measurements, as well as the dimensions of any key features like windows, doors, and existing fixtures. We’ve found that a simple drawing with these measurements can be incredibly helpful in ensuring that we provide an accurate and tailored solution for your specific requirements.

Inspiration and Ideas

We eagerly anticipate witnessing the multitude of sources of inspiration that drive your creativity! Whether it manifests as a striking new material for countertops, a visually captivating fashion, or even a Pinterest board brimming with ideas that reflect your unique style and preferences, we are eager to bear witness to it all. Sharing your passions and inspirations aids us in developing a deeper comprehension of what motivates you visually, so we sincerely implore you to do so without reservation! Share to your heart’s content!

Your Vision in Words

Thinking about the perfect space for your home can be overwhelming at times, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. To get started, describe the vision you have for the space. Would you love a modern, sleek kitchen, or a warm and cozy bathroom? Whatever your preferences, providing us with more details will help us create a clearer picture of your dream space.

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Functional Needs

Tell us about your lifestyle and needs. Are you a large, boisterous family in need of a space that can withstand constant activity and commotion? Or perhaps you’re an enthusiastic cook searching for counters that can handle high heat and heavy use? Maybe you’re a minimalist looking for a functional and streamlined design. At the core of our recommendations is a deep understanding of how you live each day and what solutions will best fit your unique lifestyle.

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Budget Considerations

Discussing finances can undoubtedly be an overwhelming task, however, it is of paramount importance to take a deep dive into your budget and prioritize your financial goals. By doing so, we can recommend options that align perfectly with your expectations. Our ultimate goal is to provide solutions that strike a perfect balance between top-notch quality and affordability to meet your needs and expectations.

FAQ for Initial Sketches

Start by sketching the layout of your space, including any islands, peninsulas, or backsplashes. Measure the length and width of each section in inches. Don’t worry about being exact; rough measurements are sufficient for an initial estimate.
Along with your measurements, please include details such as the type of material you’re interested in (e.g., granite, quartz), colours, edge preferences, and any cutouts needed (sinks, cooktops). Photos of the existing space can also be very helpful.
Yes, you can submit your rough measurements through our website. Look for the "Get A Quote" form, fill it out with your details, and upload any sketches or photos. You can also send us the info via Email.
They don’t need to be perfect, but try to be as accurate as possible. We use these measurements to provide you with an initial estimate. Final measurements will be taken by our team before fabrication begins.
If you’re unsure about how to take measurements correctly, you can contact our customer service for guidance. We can also schedule an in-home consultation to take measurements for you.
Our Process

VE Stone is here to help
from start to finish

Step 1.

Contact and Visit

See firsthand the gorgeous countertops we’ve got to offer. Seeing your future countertop in person can make all the difference, so come visit the VE Stone showroom today.

Step 2.

Initial Sketches

Let us know where you want the stone to be and give us the dimensions. Drawings don’t need to be exact, just an estimate is fine. We will digitally template your project prior to processing.

Step 3.

Select Your Stone

With your estimate in hand, find out just how affordable your selection is. Remember to bring a cabinet sample (door or drawer will do) to help coordinate colours.

Step 4.


Our countertop creation process harnesses digital technology for unparalleled precision. Using the advanced Proliner measuring device, we ensure exact measurements.

Step 5.

Stone Fabrication

Aided by CAD drawings and top of the line cutting equipment, we cut your stone to the exact measurements of your countertops to ensure a perfect fit and look to match your room.

Step 6.


The only thing left is for our team to install the countertop. We’ll handle it all from transportation to installation, complete with your inspection and questions answered.


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I will continue to recommend VE Stone to everyone! The entire team takes great pride in producing an incredible finished product with top notch customer service along the way. Prompt responses to any questions, very knowledgeable staff, all while being budget friendly. An absolute pleasure to work with and will absolutely be returning for future projects.
— Laurenne Picard
Excellent Service! Vincent and the crew were quick to measure, quote, and install! From the jump the service was excellent, quality workmanship and prompt/polite snd professional service. They were actually ahead of the promised schedule. That rarely happens these days. Awesome business would highly recommend. Thanks Vincent!
— J. Johal
Great customer service, selection and price. The install of our quartz countertops went smoothly, efficiently and professionally. We were directed to VE Stone by the company that is replacing our kitchen cabinets - so happy with the choice we made! I would highly recommend this team! Call VE Stone - you will not be disappointed.
— Paul Riegel

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